Urbana City Schools
Gifted Services

Michele Roberts

Coordinator for Gifted Services
1512 South US HWY 68
Suite J 100
Urbana, OH 43078


 Urbana City Schools believes that every human being is of value, with the right to optimal development.  Each person is unique from all others and we must not only acknowledge this, but also base our programs upon methods of developing and utilizing that uniqueness.  We are committed to an educational program that recognizes the special value and needs of the individual student.  Providing programs and materials for exceptional learners who demonstrate the potential for superior talents is an integral part of the commitment.   

  We believe that gifted students need a qualitatively differentiated program that takes into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities.  The program should encourage self-esteem and skills in independent study, research, creative thinking, higher level thinking skills, and critical thinking.   

   The purpose of the program is to develop a life-long learning process.  Gifted students should be challenged to develop their ability for both personal fulfillment and to the benefit of society.  Because of that, there are academic options available at Urbana that provide such opportunities.   The students will use broadbased theme or problems that are abstract, methods of inquiry, affective and social skills, and aesthetic or creative skills to name a few.   


Notice for Parents 2015



Did you know?

In Ohio, the gifted student is defined as one who is superior in one or more of the following types of ability:
            Superior Cognitive abiliy
            Specific Academic ability
            Creative Thinking ability
            Visual and/or performing arts abilit